LED | 5M 50-LED Waterproof String LED lights | Multi-Color Rainbow

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5M 50 LEDs Long Waterproof String  lights | Water Drop Shape

Waterproof Wire Wearable Rainbow LED Lights – 5M 50 LEDs
Look a little more alluring by sporting your favorite with these wearable rainbow LED lights – its colorful mood has you covered whether you use it for cosplay, dressed up parties or as a home decoration!

This pack features 50 multi-colored LED lights and a waterproof wire to keep it protected from rain or accidental water spillage. The lights come in a water drop shape that fits both as an accessory and a décor – let the sparkles do the magic to your outfit and your home!

Get a hold of this cool light-up pack today!

Product Details
Product Size: 5 meters (length)
Number of LED: 50 LED Lights
Voltage: 6V
Power Source: AA Battery Pack